Frequently Asked Questions

Does Smart City provide FREE WiFi?
Yes! Smart City provides FREE WiFi in the designated public areas of the facility such as the lobbies, food courts, restaurants, and some of the conference rooms. This service is made available to the approximately 30 million guests, visitors, and attendees to our convention centers throughout the country. There is no requirement to purchase a Smart City service in order to take advantage of the free WiFi.

Why doesn’t Smart City provide FREE WiFi in the exhibit halls?
Exhibit halls are not public areas since this space is typically licensed to a company, government agency, or trade association for a private event. The space license agreement governs the availability of a range of services for the event and the license may or may not call for free WiFi services.

Will my personal hotspot (MiFi) work in your building?
Yes – however, the capability of your personal mobile hotspot is limited by your cellular carrier by the spectrum and Internet bandwidth capacity they have made available. Cellular carrier signals penetrate into a facility either from a nearby cellular tower or via an in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS). It is important to remember that your personal mobile hotspot is obtaining a wireless signal from a shared cellular network, so service may be disrupted or become unreliable due to user density and demand on the carrier’s network. In all cases, you have the option to take advantage of the FREE WiFi throughout the public areas, or if you choose, you can purchase an upgraded package based on your service requirements.

Does Smart City have wireless products?
Yes. Smart City offers a variety of wireless connectivity products to fit all event needs. From FREE WiFi in designated public areas to basic WiFi at a low daily rate, to more robust dedicated wireless access such as hotspots and sponsorship opportunities, Smart City has a wireless solution to fit your needs.

Why are routers not allowed on a shared network?
Many times, Smart City has found that routers on a shared network are installed incorrectly, which can cause problems for other users of the network. Additionally, an accurate count of the number of devices on the network is required to determine the appropriate network size and bandwidth available to the network. For more information and to request the build-out of a special system to meet your needs, contact our team today for a quote.

Can I provide my own switch and/or cabling?
Yes, you can provide your own switch and patch cables; however, Smart City must install all in-booth cabling. In most situations, the cable will be placed under carpet/flooring, across aisles, and between booths, which may require knowledge of local fire and safety codes. Smart City cannot guarantee service on customer/exhibitor-provided cable(s) and/or equipment. Connectivity can be guaranteed only to the point where Smart City’s services originate in the booth. Any request for trouble diagnosis or problem resolution found not to be the fault of Smart City (such as faulty equipment or damaged cable) may be billed to the exhibitor at the prevailing labor rate. In order to meet your scheduling requirements, all cables must be shipped to Smart City two weeks prior to the show opening. Smart City can only accept cables, and cannot accept or be responsible for routers, switches, or other customer-provided equipment.

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