For Show Management

Smart City Networks is dedicated to making your event a success. Just like you, we see every attendee as our guest, and they deserve the world-class treatment you envision at your event.

By working with Smart City, you will be able to seamlessly provide specialized pricing, incentive rates, and the most reliable networks in the industry, all while maintaining the peace of mind that can only come with a trusted technological partner. As Show Managers, your focus needs to be on your guests, and with Smart City on your team you can rest easy knowing that the technology at your event is running smoothly.

“In a Hectic World, We Provide Peace of Mind.”

Working with Smart City
As a show manager working with Smart City, we’re proud to offer several services to you and your event.

Directly through our on-site general manager, you will receive 24/7 show management support, and a minimum of two updates per day on the progress of your event. We will also attend all pre- and post-con meetings to ensure we understand your needs at all points in the process.

Attendee and Exhibitor Support
We want your customers to be fully equipped with information, as well as have their technology needs met even before they enter the facility. For this reason, our Attendee & Exhibitor Sales (AES) team was established to proactively reach out to customers early in the ordering process.

Our team will communicate the many services and incentive-deadlines to your audience through non-invasive means. We will also reach out to any prior host convention centers to receive past order history.

During your event, it’s our goal to make our team as accessible as possible, so you can spend your time focusing on, of course, your event!

Events are staffed with local Smart City team members for you and your attendees to utilize, and additional support from other regional facilities can be added depending on your size and needs.

Throughout your event, we will ensure network reliability and security by visiting exhibitors during move-in and show days, providing WiFi and IP configuration assistance as needed, monitoring the network throughout and ensuring customer satisfaction on all services.

Measurable Results
Being so technologically savvy, we like data, and we think you will too.

After every event, our Smart City team works diligently with exhibitors, show management, and facility staff to determine the success of the event. Survey forms are distributed during non-intrusive times, and are also available online, and the data allows us to quantify success through customer service.

We share this data with you, so together we can ensure the satisfaction of your attendees, and also continue perfecting our processes to help make your next event even more successful.

Let’s Get Started
Whatever your need, Smart City’s team is here to provide the world-class service both you and your customers expect. We judge ourselves based on your satisfaction, and we’re looking forward to blowing away your expectations. Contact us today to start planning your next event!

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