For Exhibitors

For an event to be successful, exhibitors must be satisfied with the services they receive. This is why we’ve implemented several steps, from our ability to deliver constant connectivity to our groundbreaking non-invasive sales processes, to provide the most reliable and beneficial services available to our exhibitor customers.

Exhibitors can take advantage of the many services we offer for a seamless technological experience. Whether your exhibitor booth requires reliable WiFi and custom network configurations to maintain digital connectivity, or telephone services and special electrical capabilities to deliver the exhibition-space experience you envision, our team is here to bring everything to life. We also offer a variety of office equipment rental and utility services to help make your exhibition space a success.

Working with Smart City
Whatever the need, Smart City will deliver a variety of options that will provide a smooth and hassle-free event experience.

Before the start of your show, our Attendee & Exhibitor Sales (AES) team will be contacting you to make sure you have all of your event needs available the moment you walk into the facility. Our team will communicate the many services and incentive-deadlines to you, and help you select the right technology and capabilities at the most affordable price available.

Move-in and Showtime
During the event, it’s our goal to make our team as accessible as possible. All our events are staffed with local team members for you to utilize, helping ensure network reliability and the delivery of the services you need. During move-in and show days, our team will also visit your exhibition space, confirming you have the WiFi and IP configuration you need, along with any other services you’ve ordered or even forgot to order before the start of the show.

Throughout the entire event, our team will be available to help you deliver the exhibition experience you’ve always envisioned.

Services at Your Facility
Smart City offers a variety of services for our exhibitors at each of our more than 35 facilities throughout the nation. To learn more about what Smart City can do for you at your next event, visit our facilities page today!

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