For Attendees

Smart City is dedicated to providing our attendees with the best and most reliable connectivity during events. In an ongoing, 24/7 world, we understand the importance of constant connectivity. You’re busy, and we understand that you need technology that never stops – just like you.

“In a Hectic World, We Provide Peace of Mind.”

Working with Smart City
With more than 30 years of experience working with our attendees, we understand your needs. Thanks to our team of engineers, you will have fast, uninterrupted access to email, and social networking, all while walking through the exhibit floor at each of our facilities. We’ve built an Internet infrastructure that’s strong enough to connect thousands of attendees simultaneously, allowing everyone to experience the same fast and dependable connections no matter what.

As a visitor, you can expect free WiFi in public areas with the option to purchase faster speeds if desired. We also have a dedicated technical and customer service support team on-site at each of our events. This means we will quickly respond to your requests and provide real-time solutions as they’re needed.

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