Digital Signage

Just like the conventions industry, signage has taken a giant leap toward the digital future, and Smart City Networks is proud to offer a variety of digital signage options to help make your event a success.

What is Digital Signage?
Digital signage provides venues and meeting planners with exciting opportunities for branding, digital advertising, revenue generation and attendee interaction. Adaptable video screens, sized appropriately to be seen from all angles throughout the venue, are used to showcase important information about current and upcoming events. From custom video and LED walls to interactive displays and meeting room signage, all of which can be utilized indoor and outdoor, digital signage provides rich digital content in place of traditional static signage.

To learn more about how we’re using digital signage to reinvent the industry, check out the below video.

Working with Smart City
Whether you’re looking to promote specific event happenings, like a targeted exhibit or upcoming presentation, or keep attendees engaged with your branding, Smart City’s digital signage can help make your vision a reality. Our content creation team will work with you to develop animated logos and interactive messages utilizing the latest in motion graphics technology.

Do you want to use your own content? Our automated tools are in place to allow you to utilize existing PDF, PowerPoint and other format files so you can quickly and easily incorporate your company’s favorite content into engaging digital signage.

Not sure what you need? We employ a full team of advertising and sponsorship sales experts, as well as a bevy of motion graphics experts. Together, our team can help you and your customers review our fully loaded template library and even integrate mobile applications with large format digital signage, facilitating the creation of engaging, interactive animations and motion graphics unlike anything your attendees have seen before.

Looking to make a last-minute splash? Our large-format render farm is able to make your digital signage experience something to remember even under the most imminent deadlines. With more than 100 computers working to bring your idea to life, no job is too large for Smart City Networks.

Maybe you’d like to do something a little more interactive than just motion graphics. Our digital signage capabilities allow show managers and exhibitors to run social network feeds, photo booth posts, polling and contests on the network, all in real time.

Of course, there’s no moment like the present, which is why our digital signage offerings also incorporate live video and audio streaming capabilities, helping to bring your in-exhibit presentation to the forefront of the minds of attendees throughout the entire venue.

Let’s Get Started
As you prepare for your next event, be sure to check out Smart City’s digital signage capabilities in your venue. You can learn more by visiting our facilities page, or feel free to contact us directly.

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