Network Operations Center

Our Las Vegas headquarters is home to our Network Operations Center (NOC), which acts as the lifeline for our network of systems throughout the nation.

What is a NOC?
A NOC is a location from which network monitoring and control occur, to oversee network environments that require high availability. At Smart City, our NOC helps us run the impressive operation you’ll experience by working with our team. The NOC provides Internet security services and remote 24/7 monitoring for all of our networks, ensuring we deliver on our customer-focused service guarantee.

Why a NOC?
At Smart City, we have an always up policy – we always want to ensure that you have the connectivity you need at the right time and place. Thanks to our NOC, as well as several unique processes and best practices developed by our engineers, we are able to ensure no downtime for tradeshows and events in almost any situation.

In addition, we provide tracking of real-time bandwidth demands at all of our venues. As demand increases, we are able to provide additional bandwidth to maintain the integrity of the services our customers need. This process is completely supported by the NOC’s monitoring and management systems.

Our centralized NOC ensures network integrity by closely monitoring its performance and alerting our team of any errors so we can promptly execute a solution.

Finally, our NOC keeps our system, and you, safe from potential threats to the network.

What does it all mean?
Our NOC is a vital member of our team, helping us deliver the world-class service our customers have come to expect from Smart City. Whether we’re replacing hardware long before a fault, monitoring bandwidth to deliver high-speed connectivity, or ensuring that all processes are running smoothly from half a nation away, you can rest assured that Smart City will deliver on your expectations thanks to our dedicated team working hand-in-hand with our Network Operations Center.

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