Smart “Green” City

Smart City is committed to an environmentally friendly approach to business.

Our commitment is more than just a corporate statement. It is the way we conduct our business, the influence we have on our vendors, and the way our staff lead their lives. Our progressive approach to adopting greener policies began with a companywide assessment of our working habits and practices.

Some of the steps Smart City has taken to promote a greener environment include:

  • Recycling Program. Smart City recycles telecommunications equipment and copper cable in order to reduce the amount of waste generated during every event. We also utilize recycled materials whenever possible, participate in recycling programs at each of our convention center locations, and have incorporated green programs at our corporate offices.
  • Reduction in Paper. Whenever possible, we have reduced the amount of paper we produce, including order forms and marketing collateral. Documents are made available through center and company websites, and are available in electronic format for inclusion on event-specific websites. We also provide digital marketing kits with the information stored on a flash drive rather than in a physical folder.
  • Online Ordering. Smart City offers a discount on online ordering to encourage its customers to utilize this green ordering practice. This provides a quick and easy way to order services without needing to print out materials.
  • Reduction in Disposable Plastic Water Bottles. Water stations are provided to employees within many of our centers to reduce plastic waste.

In addition, Smart City proudly implements cost-conscious and green initiative programs in all of our operations. We send digital invoices to our clients, select vendors that have similar green initiatives, and use materials with post-consumer materials or 100% recycled paper stock.

By replacing dated, wasteful tendencies with environmentally friendly practices, we have helped minimize the industry’s environmental footprint and have taken a stand on green efforts.

At Smart City Networks, we take responsibility for the social, ethical, and environmental impact of our business and develop our strategies around environmentally conscious methods.

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